LAUNCH OVER RATE SHEET – Sophia Cacciola (reel – IMDb) / Michael J. Epstein (reel – IMDb)

(all rates 50% discount for indie projects)

This rate sheet is a reference for estimating production costs for music video, short film, and feature film projects. Please note that we are selective about which projects we take on. Please email Sophia Cacciola at with the details of your project.
We will be happy to provide a custom estimate.

Shooting and/or Directing
Includes up to 8 hours plus set up and wrap with up to one hour of round-trip travel.
$1000 per day for short film projects intended for public release
$500 per page for feature length projects
$2000 per day corporate or private projects.

$750 per minute of produced video (includes basic post production) for static interview for short documentary, Kickstarter campaign, or other use

Shooting includes: 2 person crew, Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K, Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, GoPro, basic LED panel light kit; Please inquire for equipment upgrades and additional camera operator

Additional costs for sound recording as add-on to shoot – $400 per day (see gear list below)
Additional paid crew may be required for more complex shoots.

Editing / Coloring – Adobe Premiere / AfterEffects
Sound editing / mixing – ProTools
$640 per 8-hour day

Sound Recording
Includes up to 8 hours plus set up and wrap with up to one hour of round-trip travel.
$800 per 8-hour day

Recording includes single person with:
Zoom F8 with ATV-Z8 Audio Tactical Vest, Zoom H6, Zoom H4n, Rode NTG1, Rode NTG2, two Sennheiser G3 lav microphones
(additional utility/op $200 per day add-on)

Concept, art-direction/design, location scouting, casting, and organizing: $50 per hour

Note: prices do not include production expenses (props, costumes, locations, etc.), additional crew or cast salaries, or craft services.