Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein are Los Angeles, USA-based directors, actors, writers, musicians, and producers known primarily for low-budget horror and sci-fi feature films layered with modern sociopolitical commentary.

They will be displaying clips and trailers of recent film works including:


The Women of Rock Oral History  Project
 is a collection of digital interviews documenting the lives and careers of women in rock whose work and careers have been underrepresented or omitted from rock journalism and historical scholarship. Typically, women’s representation in popular culture is defined and explained from a dominant male perspective.

Feature Films

Blood of the Tribades
 is a modern, sociopolitical feature-film take on 70s Italian, German, and Spanish arthouse and British lesbian vampire movies. “…the film examines the perception of women in an oppressively masculine society, one in which they are taught obedience and complacency, remaining the unwitting victims of theocratic doctrine weaponised by dogmatic fundamentalists… ” – Andrew Marshall, Starburst Magazine

 is a cerebral sci-fi film exploring consciousness and existentialism at the end of the world. “…unique, challenging, and overflowing with big ideas, [Cacciola and Epstein] have created an entire world unto its own, populated by bizarre characters, a near fetishistic infatuation with outdated technology, and rad concepts the likes of which you have never seen before.” – Daniel XIII, Famous Monsters of Filmland

Short Films

Thirteen was commissioned for a Friday the 13th music and film program at The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA. The film provides a glimpse at the creatures vying for your unconscious mind while you sleep.

Music Videos

Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling – Episode 17 : Fall Out
 is the final installment in a music and video series of works inspired by The Prisoner. The 1960s British spy-fi television series was a major influence on modern-era genre film and television. Its utopian, sleepy setting, The Village, a gilded panopticon dystopia run by faceless, nameless, and nationless forces, forecast much of our modern techno-social tension. Episode 17 is a sparse, music-video tribute to the final episode of the series in which a Kafkaesque chaos results in systemic collapse.

Some works will also be on display during a guided tour of Q21 during Vienna Art Week!