Who are you?
Launch Over is a film production company, handling projects from inception to development to production to distribution and promotion.

Can I work for / intern for you?
We aren’t hiring or accepting interns at this time.

How do you select projects?
We typically only produce our own projects from start to finish, but we can be hired to work on your projects.

Can I send you my script, pitch, or information about my project for advice or consideration for production?
We cannot accept unsolicited pitches, project information, or scripts, and we do not take on external projects as our own productions unless money is already attached (i.e., we do not currently fundraise for external projects). We can be hired to provide advice, consult, or produce your script, and if you have a project with money attached, we can be hired to make any or all parts of the project happen.

Can I score one of your films?
We already have a complete team of composers and musicians in place who do the music for our films.

How can I act in one of your films?
We post open casting announcements on our blog and social media.  Please do not send reels or info unless it is in response to a call. We are unable to view unsolicited reels or accept unsolicited general actor pitches.

Where can I see your films?
Our features are available through common VOD/physical-media outlets, links to which can be found on each film’s page. Our shorts and trailers can be viewed on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.

What films have you made?
Launch Over IMDb, Sophia’s IMDb, Michael’s IMDb

I’ve got another question!
Send us an email!