Below are some of our in-development projects. Please contact us if you would like more information on any of these projects. We are always looking for potential partnerships with producers and investors.

The Caul

Genre:  Folk Horror

Logline: The balance of light and darkness is disrupted as a young girl born under mysterious circumstances in a superstitious coastal town is recruited by a dying witch to carry on her order's tradition.

Comparables: The Wicker Man, Lisa & the Devil, Suspiria, Valerie & Her Week of Wonders

Status: Complete Script / Seeking Funding

Screenplay Finalist: GenreBlast Film Festival 2018; Women in Horror Film Festival 2018 [Winner: Honorable Mention]; Nightmares Film Festival 2018; Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival 2019

Winner: Epic Pictures/Scare LA Pitch Competition

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Genre: Period, Crime, Thriller

Logline: A sweet-toothed gender-outlaw greaser seeks revenge against their former crew while resisting the sixties cultural revolution.

Comparables: Reservoir Dogs, Wild at Heart, Six-String Samurai

Music Inspiration Playlist

Status: Script Development

The Mice Will Play

Genre: Dark Comedy

Logline: After an accident leads to his partner being taken out of commission, a contract worker must complete five jobs in one night with the help of a new, disagreeable partner while being pursued by hitmen and the law.

Influences: After Hours, Down By Law, Mystery Train

Status: First Draft Script


Genre: Contained Thriller

Logline: Two aging actresses grasping for a final chance at a lead role will do anything to win on a fateful night filled with earthquakes, power outages, and murder.

Comparables: Sunset Boulevard, Mulholland Drive, Rear Window

Status: First Draft Script

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The Interrogation

Genre:  Psychological Thriller

Logline: To catch a killer, sometimes you have to become the killer.

Comparables: The Usual Suspects, Hard Candy, The Conversation

Status: Script Development

Dance All Night, Die All Night!

Genre: '80s Horror Satire

Logline: Miriam knew that making friends at college would be tough, she didn't know they'd be cannibals hellbent on taking over the world with a summer hit song.

Influences: Society, TerrorVision, Sleepaway Camp

Status: First Draft Script


Genre: Horror

Logline: A woman wakes up in a hospital bed and is handed a newborn - however she doesn't believe this family and life is hers.

Comparables: Rosemary's Baby, The Stepford Wives

Status: Script Development


Genre: Action/Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi

Logline: After a temporal accident, two astronauts return to a scorched Earth for help, but what they find will terrify you.

Comparables: Mad Max, Moon, Planet of the Apes

Status: Script Development


Genre: Sci-Fi/Thriller/Noir

Logline: When a night-shift diner waitress's dreams start becoming reality, she must solve a murder before it happens.

Comparables: Inception, Memento, Philip K. Dick

Status: Script Development

Semi-Finalist (on-going): Legion M Pitch Elevator

The Unnaturals

Genre: Dystopian Sci-Fi Anthology

Logline: In a bleak, dystopian society where religion, government, and media have merged, a law-enforcement unit is tasked with hunting down "unnatural" citizens.

Comparables: 1984, Brazil, Black Mirror, Philip K. Dick

Status: Sample Segment Script Complete; Overall Script Development in progress

Segment Short Screenplay Finalist: GenreBlast Film Festival 2018